- A day in khaki - concept 1/3 -

#Breaking dawn

There is nothing but the basic structure. The green of the plant intersects. It's the tranquility of white and gray.

#Morning light
Layering outside the base is tranquility of white and grey intertwined with emptiness and green. By paying attention to people’s behavior itself, we could see more pictures and imagination outside the frame of shadows. Therefore, when we try to express a space of a guesthouse through images, we captured three states of a traveler in the space of the guesthouse—half awake condition in the morning, reading thinking at noon and rest at nightfall, becoming three short stories. In fine short shots, via the objects that are used, the time implied by light and shadow, and the space filled with wooden color, they one by one make viewers   construct impressions of the guesthouse—a circulating, serene and green-intertwined khaki space.