Leather Tissue Box
  • Leather Tissue Box


    Time left memory traces in different ways. 

    After touch and use, leather always left life prints.

    Besides using many Japanese local designs, A day in khaki also developed many practical products. During preparation, we had been looking for good-looking tissue boxes. However, products on the market are about the same except some transparent acrylics without patterns at most. We had been finding a way to present a tissue box not too complicated, nor too fancy, which can be simply blended into space.

    Therefore, we made the tissue boxes that can be seen in the guesthouse by using primary color cowhide fixed by brass nail buttons. 

    With daily use, the color of cowhide will get darker and darker, also indistinctly showing a sophisticated gloss. The mode that helps easy change of an inner box became the scenery by the bed.



    • Product Information


       Material: Primary Color Cowhide, Brass

      Size: Free