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​A day in khaki


The swell of life moves faster than we can recognize.
The speed of trains, rhythm of roadways, the pace of pedestrians crossing... 

A simple step could take us past the neon lights of shopping malls lining the streets of Karasuma, or the the gentle forests beside Kamogawa. 

Discover multiple atmospheres inside a city.

The smell of rich spikenard incense, the view of the upper courtyard... Peace and elegance linger in this place, and an intimate state of mind can be visually perceived as though through Khaki color.

Find the experience of a moment in Kyoto's traditional Kyo-Machiya, your own private time, in A day in khaki.


Khaki's first guesthouse is situated in the heart of Nijo by Nijo Castle, which served as the shogun's base in Kyoto during the Edo Period and is today a UNESCO World Heritage site. The property is a traditional Kyo-Machiya with 3 bedrooms and is able to accommodate up to 6 guests.

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Khaki's second property is located just a 7-minute walk from the Imperial Palace. This property is also renovated from a Kyo-Machiya, and consists of two individual guesthouses separated by a courtyard in the center. The first guesthouse includes three rooms and can host up to 6 guests, while the second guesthouse has two rooms and can accommodate up to 4 guests.

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