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​A day in khaki Nijo is located in the heart of Nijo, within five minutes walk from Nijo Castle and amidst many small boutiques, cafes, and restaurants nearby. 

​Khaki Nijo is renovated from a traditional Japanese home,  Kyo-Machiya, that is 120 years old. Machiya is a traditional Japanese-style building with various defining features include—a narrow doorway, eel-like beds, courtyard gardens, and lattice windows in dark wood color. 

While the property has been expanded and renovated to accommodate many habits in modern life, the house retains many of its original elements. In addition to preserving the original structure and building materials, various artifacts found around the house have been carried over from previous owners generations ago.

Most importantly, Khaki Nijo retains the core design philosophy of the Machiya - dedication and cohesion of “Kazoku (family)” 


Room 1 

This tatami room is located on the second floor of the front building overlooking the street. 

​Room 2

​This tatami room is located on the second floor of the front building, overlooking the back building and roof garden. 

​Room 3

This western inspired bedroom is located on the second floor in the back building

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