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An expansion from the original Khaki Nijo, Khaki Muromachi embraces the core elements of Khaki team's design philosophy while retaining the history of this particular machiya.

Khaki-Muromachi is conveniently located near the Imperial Palace and within 5 minute walk from Imadegawa station on the Karasuma Line.

Khaki Muromachi is a Kyo-Machiya which used to be a "Nishijin-ori"factory, a traditional textile produced in the Nishijin district of Kamigyō-ku in Kyoto. The property is divided into a front building and a rear building. The front building served as the residence for the family while the rear building served as a factory for Nishijin-ori. 

Various green spaces can be found throughout the premise. Particularly notable are the two pine trees overlooking the entrance. These trees have been present on the property since its original construction, and transcends the many changes over the years. 

a day in khaki (muromachi) layout-01-02-02-02-02-02.jpg

Front Building

This building consists of three bedrooms, with western inspired bedroom on the first floor and two tatami rooms on the second floor. 

​Rear Building

This building consists of two bedrooms, with two tatami rooms on the second floor. 

Common Space

Common space in the second building served as a factory back in the days, which is why the room has a high ceiling which is quite rare in Japanese homes. The original Nishijin-Ori weaving machine is retained as a decor to showcase the property's history. 

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